Vertical blinds in the interior (20 photos): modern comfort

12 October 2017

Technological progress, without a moment to stand still under the influence of time, so upgraded "medieval rags" in a stylish vertical blinds that in the modern world, they began to make serious competition customary curtains and curtains.

Beige vertical blinds in the interior

Advantages of vertical blinds

Vertical slats are more domesticated appearance, which is why they are often found in residential areas. From them and emanates coziness and comfort that impresses housewives. Since the vertical blinds can easily fit in any, even the most intricate interiors, the demand for them is great enough. Of course, any homemakers give preference to innovative curtains, because a considerable stock of the numerous advantages in their arsenal.

Gray vertical blinds in the living room

It would seem that in them such - the usual "flaps of tissue." It turns out that all genius is in its simplicity qualities. Some of them - the ease of web forms modesty, and most importantly - unpretentious controller. It is in the elementary and absolute simplicity and is refined and even phenomenal aesthetics of vertical blinds. That is why the blinds with vertical slats can fit almost any decor, because they are universal. Suitable for home furnishing as well as for the office environment.

Beige vertical blinds in the bedroom

Features of the mechanism makes the blinds are so functional, so it can be presented. Due to their simple design they can be operated with one hand, and the safety of the device allows you to make it even a child. Uncomplicated device makes it possible to conduct experiments with light and shade, but this easy turn slats can completely change the atmosphere and mood of the room.

Beige vertical blinds in a large living room

Knowing some of the design tricks, you can use the vertical blinds with the maximum benefit for the safe device the interior of an apartment or house.

  • Long strips of slats from the ceiling to the floor visually stretches the low ceilings.
  • The colors and texture of fabric slats is directly proportional to affect the optical width of the window opening. Correctly selected range will completely change the visual perception of geometry not only windows, but the room as a whole.
  • Short lamellae, absolutely just opening the window covering, suitable for not too clean rooms apartment, to avoid contact with them, dirt, dust and grime. The corresponding length is suitable for housing, where there is a little restless and pets.
  • In contrast to the immediate ancestors who are no longer able to impress us with its uniqueness, the current custom blinds, where the slats can follow the shape of the zigzag, circle or wave to surprise his charming personality and a kind of uniqueness.
  • To the product for a long time did not require you to "overhaul" and time-consuming cleaning, wipe the slats clean, dry cloth before the appearance of visible contamination.
  • Easy to combine with other elements of decor, thereby producing a combination of luxury, even with the curtains, although with light curtains.
  • The design allows you to choose the control system that is best suited for your window opening and in the future will be only to please their operational capabilities.

Purple vertical blinds in a large living room

Vertical aluminum blinds

It turns out that there are vertical louver slats, which are made of aluminum. Also have this kind of blinds advantages.

Vertical aluminum blinds are necessary in a room where there is a possibility of fire. They will add the missing comfort room with minimal security risks. However, we are all so used to seeing it in aluminum slats arranged horizontally. But it is precisely vertical blinds make the room visually more spacious small-sized and low ceilings - higher. In addition, this product looks very elegant, so suitable for office space, and residential.

Vertical aluminum blinds in the dining room

But also for the country style of adherents all is not lost, as the blinds can repeat the tree structure. Of course this is not the natural wood, but still out of the situation. Lovers of refinement should know that the order can be produced perforated slats. To shutters combined with the window opening, slats made of any color you liked, as well as aluminum blinds can even cause printing that will make your home a completely unusual and unique.

Vertical aluminum blinds in the interior
Vertical aluminum blinds in the bedroom

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds in contrast to the horizontal appeared recently. The main difference - is the vertical arrangement of the folds, which move along the guide rails are not left-right and up-down. Most of these blinds to complement the classical curtains. However, if desired they can be used as an independent decorative element. In addition, the process design of the plant is a snap. Blinds can be mounted in the window opening, and into the wall, and even the ceiling.

Light Green Pleated blinds in the interior
Pink Pleated blinds in the interior
Beige Pleated blinds in the living room

Vertical blinds on balcony

It is not often you can observe the vertical blinds on the balcony. Still, to lodge a more suitable option - a horizontal shutters or blinds. But this applies only to cases of swing-out glazing. But if the landlord would prefer a sliding window system, there is no possibility to install horizontal blinds, blinds, shutters technical razdvizheniya impossible, this will prevent the eaves of structures. In this case, the vertical blinds become one of the few alternative and convenient options.

Maroon vertical blinds in the living room

And of course down decaying vertical slats most resemble traditional blinds and curtains. Therefore classics lovers often give preference to such an option.

Vertical blinds on the balcony as a series of pluses and minuses.

Unusual vertical blinds in the living room

Advantages of vertical blinds

  • You do not need to close and open each flap separately, as is the case with tissue shutters, wherein each flap is an autonomous unit. With a single movement you can hide all the balcony from the hot scorching rays of light.
  • Vertical blinds are the most similar to the deep-rooted, and became a real tradition - blinds, curtains or drapes.
  • Modern shutters covered with all sorts of impregnation, which promise to be protected from dust, dirt and the rest kind of pollution. Of course this is not a panacea. Especially in the balcony, vertical blinds in any case be contaminated, however, like any other kind of curtains.
  • The mechanism involves gathering the slats in several directions, which avoids the formation of folds as in horizontal blinds.

Brown vertical blinds in the living room
Natural beige vertical blinds in the living room

The disadvantages of vertical blinds

  • Take up much space.
  • If there is a window sill - restrict access to it.
  • Impede the free razdvizheniya sash. For ventilation will need to move the slats, in whole or in part.
  • When blowing out onto the balcony of a strong wind slats of the blinds will wobble, which would entail excessive noise and unkempt appearance.

Vertical blinds in the Japanese style in the living room

Tip! Vertical blinds are pretty polluted espresso on the balcony. They can not be washed, only to rinse with soapy water. And in any case, do not make the slats to the floor, or they will contaminate you even stronger.

Yellow vertical blinds in the living room
White vertical blinds in the dining room
Fancy colored vertical blinds in the interior
Blue vertical blinds in the dining room


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