Self-painting the ceiling without Divorce: simple technology

12 October 2017

Independently to achieve the desired results when painting the ceiling is not easy, but if you know how to paint ceilings, comfort and freshness to your home are guaranteed. The ceiling is painted in several stages. Before blanched ceiling paint, remove chalk or lime layer: abundantly wet ceiling scrape damp whitewash or spatula chisel, flush surface.

Ceiling painting in green color

The aqueous emulsion paint more difficult to remove: old coating soak twice with water, create a draft -pokraska bulges and succumb spatula, level the ceiling filler, fine sanding with sandpaper prime the surface. Let the ceiling dry to putty does not lag behind.

ceiling painting with latex paint

More recently, many preferred to whiten the ceilings, but whitewashing rapidly losing aesthetic appearance and created a lot of problems during the application. Leadership in the ceiling painting were given to the water-based paint.

Decided that this type of cover you like and paint the ceiling with your hands you afford? Choose water-based paints. Prepare paint brush for butt welds and narrow "correctional" brush. Meditate, how to paint roller ceiling? Then you need a roller with a long nap, and ditch the paint.

Alignment of the ceiling before painting

To learn how to properly paint the ceiling latex paint, do not know everything. First, paint the corners and the joint between the ceiling and the walls. Start with the farthest from the front door of the angle. Around the room to make a pass wide paint brush to spot connections and corners are not affected in the future.

Apply a paint roller in three passes. The first - in the direction of the rays of light from the window. Second - perpendicular to the first. Last send to the window. Move the roller should be left to the right, then in the opposite direction. Admitted W-shaped movement. Make sure the paint lay down evenly. Each layer of paint should be given 8-12 hours to dry.

Important! Avoid drafts and do not attempt to dry the painted surface appliances.

The question is: how to paint the ceiling latex paint without divorce? Clearly follow all the rules of the surface staining and always read the instructions posted on the paint cans. If required, dilute it strictly on the "recipe". How to paint the ceiling is water-based paint on the whitewashed? For whitewashing paint as possible if:

  • whitewash thin layer,
  • on whitewashing no crumbling, cracking and blistering.

Latex paint in this case will serve as an additional primer binding particles of chalk or lime.

Do not apply a second coat of paint, while the first does not dry - it will result in irregularities and spots. We noticed after drying the first layer of error? Paint the entire ceiling once more liquid paint. And do not gloss over the stain point strokes, that you will only ruin the painted surface.

The basic principles of ceiling painting known to you. They are useful for coloring of ceilings made of different materials. This can be used in a variety of coloring preparations, although there are subtleties in each case.

ceiling painting with latex paint

How to paint the ceiling with acrylic paint

Much depends prepared for dyeing composition. Thick paint will not hide the joints between the strips of paint. Thin the paint with water to the consistency recommended by the manufacturer, mix it with a mixer.

Film covering the surface, need not mix with the liquid paint - it can not dissolve. Even after long mixing the composition obtained with lumps. The film need to remove remaining paint sieve and then stir.

The ceilings are resistant to moisture

Each home has a room with high humidity. We look at how to paint the ceiling in the bathroom and how to paint the ceiling in the kitchen.

The best choice in these cases - water-dispersion paint. In the kitchen, paint the ceiling, focusing on the window, and in the bathroom at the stage of preparation, place the lamp where it will be after the completion of repairs. It is necessary to consider all the irregularities, as you strive to get the ceiling, which would have looked perfectly at constant illumination.

Painting the ceiling plasterboard

Talk about how to paint the ceiling of plasterboard, special. For this case the suit, according to experts, water-based and water-dispersion paints. Careful attention should be paid to the primer joints of gypsum paintings. When the surface of putty joints, additional materials, for example, serpyanka - tape reinforcement seams.

Important! If you do not use one-piece part serpyanku, glue the overlapping them.

Putty is applied to a large spatula. Then the surface is treated with sandpaper held priming, if necessary. activity field is prepared. How to paint the ceiling plasterboard? Start with a false ceiling areas abutting the walls and corners. To do this, use a brush. Paint does not "back and forth", and butting. Such a method does not leave streaks or smears.

Painting the ceiling plasterboard

paint wallpaper

Paint wallpaper choose depending on their type. For fiberglass can use any coloring composition for non-woven wallpaper base - only water-dispersion paint. Before you paint the wallpaper on the ceiling, unplug room.

Paper and glass fiber dyed in a conventional manner. Non-woven structure can be painted with latex paint on the reverse side before sticking on the ceiling. Non-woven wallpaper base will be painted, and the face will be white and stand out against a colored background.

A similar effect is achieved by painting glued non-woven wallpaper. The paint in this case do thinner. Clean cloth wipe the ink composition with the surface structure. When the wallpaper dries, protruding pattern can be painted a different color tint.

Tension ceilings: paint - no paint

It would seem that the production technology of stretch ceilings does not provide for their continued painting, but the suspended ceiling can be painted. However, only the fabric. And not more than 5 times, otherwise the fabric will sag under the weight of the paint.

Painting process itself is simple. Foam rollers can cause latex paint. It is cheap, and the quality is not up to par. When using atomiser increase costs, but also a great result.

The ceiling of the PVC film is not suitable for applying the paint. She eventually drain from the canvas ceiling sag and lose its elasticity.

Brush to paint over tricky areas

Equipment for aid

Maximum effect when painting a ceiling can be achieved by using a spray gun. They come in three types - manual, electric and pneumatic. Use of these units is easy. The main thing to know how to paint the ceiling spray gun.

When adding additional paint color schemes should be thoroughly mix and filter. It is recommended to use the respirator as during operation in the air will be a mixture of particles of the dye. Before painting the gun nozzle take aside and take a test trigger to release trapped air from the hose and dirt.

Saw a steady stream of paint, get to work. Aim the nozzle to the surface of the ceiling at a distance of half a meter, click "start". Direct the jet perpendicular to the ceiling paint.

ceiling painting by a spray gun

Work on the bugs

You learned how to paint the ceiling with his hands, familiar with many "ceiling" subtleties. You can even do your painted ceiling, but ... It turned out not quite the way we would like. How to fix bugs painted ceilings? How to eliminate dark spots?

It is possible to apply another thin layer of paint or walk on the ceiling sandpaper, cleaned of dust and paint "corrected" surface. It helps - then you are in luck. Spots and stains are not eliminated - will have to start work from the beginning. Once again, in practice, to learn how to paint the ceiling without divorce.


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