Possible combinations of colors in the interior of the bathroom

12 October 2017

In the process of creating the interior of any bathroom one of the most important points is the selection of colors. It is noticed that the right combination of colors influences to create an atmosphere and mood passed. Design solutions in this area there are many, and today we look at some of them.

koluboy and brown bathroom

But above all, it is necessary to say a few general points that are very important to observe the selection of any color and create the interior:

  • The number of colors. Try not to use more than three different colors or more than 5 shades of one color. Otherwise, it can destroy all the harmony created by the interior. It is possible to do two colors, but opposite to each other, so that each of them emphasized the importance of a different color. An example of this is the black-and-white bathrooms. However, if you prefer to make out all in the same color, it will make optimum use of three shades of the same color, so that you had the opportunity to clearly identify every detail of the interior.
  • The brightness of colors. Determining the allowable brightness, should be guided, first of all, the size of your bathroom. Enough to know that the dark color schemes to visually reduce the space and light, respectively, increases. For most of us actually use bright colors, because the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in any home. However, we should not forget the fact that the bright color combinations help to wake up in the morning, to cheer up, and a warm and soothing colors, on the contrary, help to relax.
  • Meaning of colors. Each color and combining it has its psychological value, which must be considered when creating an interior. It is from this and depends on the mood that will be sent to you each time you visit your bathroom.

solar bathroom

universal color

The only color that blends perfectly with all the colors is white. In the interior it is both simplicity and sophistication.

Furthermore, it is white color has a number of advantages. Firstly, it makes the room lighter. This is an important parameter for any bathroom. Second, the white color visually expands the space of a bathroom, for this reason it is often used in small-sized rooms. Third, the color white is the perfect backdrop for absolutely any decor.

Not less frequently used and darker shades of white. This avoids the possible association with the doctor's office, if you arrange the bathroom.

white bathroom

Bathroom in blue and white colors

The most popular version of the color combinations for the bathroom- is the use of white and blue color. It is thanks to this choice of colors, a bathroom filled with freshness and purity. In this case, it is necessary to use light shades of blue, because of its classic design, it can cause the association with a cold that will cause you discomfort. Bright as his tone more associated with water and freshness that the bathroom is perfect.

Often, this color solution is diluted with a bright and colorful elements accessories and decor. This will allow you to make the room more warm and cozy, which has a positive effect on mood transmitted.

White blue bathroom

ecological solution

Green color in the interior evokes associations with nature. Using green is perfect for those who prefer to take a bath after a hard day's work. Seeing green shades will help you not only to fully relax, but also perfectly refresh you and add strength.

Combine green often with the universal white. With this approach, you create a kind of harmony of colors, has a positive effect on the overall picture of the interior. More importantly, with such a combined use bright and light shades of green.

No less often combine light green and orange. This color scheme can not only create a natural feeling, but also contributes to the overall brightness of the bathroom interior. It also contributes to the expansion of visual space, for this reason these colors are often used in small bathrooms.

Green orange bathroom

direct opposite

One of the most popular color combination is a combination of white and black. It would seem that combine two completely opposite color - the task is not only impossible, but also devoid of meaning. However, this case - an exception to every rule.

It is due to the huge contrast of black and white produces the most incredible effect. The main thing - is to use the correct ratio of these two colors. The predominance of white on black will allow visually increase the space bathroom. Accordingly, the predominance of black over white visually reduce the bathroom.

The combination of black and white often symbolizes the rigor and style. That is why this combination of colors used to show your personality. From a psychological point of view, the color white symbolizes purity and refinement, and black - the excitement and void. Use this color combination must be very cautious.

Black and white bathroom

Sunny mood

Yellow, perhaps, is one of the most cheerful and positive, both in life and in the design. It just can not get round, when it comes to creating an interior bathroom. The main advantage of creating such a solar interior is that in this case there is no dependence on the room size. That is, the yellow color can be used as a spacious bathroom, as well as in small-sized.

That yellow is the main generator of positive, and it is often used in bathrooms, those who wake up hard in the morning, or lives too stressful life. It helps not only to raise the emotional state, but is able to save you from depression and other negative conditions.

Combine yellow often with a similar orange. Thus, strengthening all the psychological properties of these two colors. Good harmony and combination of yellow with green or blue. Using this approach you can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, which will be enjoyed by everyone.

yellow bathroom


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