Pastel colors in the interior (19 pictures): comfortable space

12 October 2017

Pastel colors are obtained by addition of white to any saturated color. The result is pleasant to the eye and the mind translucent shades that look very impressive and unusual. These colors can be used in the development of the design of large apartments, however, and in the selection of wallpaper for small rooms, these shades are appropriate.

Large living room with pastel colors

Pastel colors in the interior allow you to create the illusion of a more spacious room is added to the space of your home warm and cozy. Room furnished with interesting combinations pastel gamut looks air, weightless, stylish.

Calm and tenderness

Rich colors in the design of apartments often look quite sharply. This is not true of pastels: there are plenty of options that look very fresh and unusual, such as pistachio, peach, pale turquoise, cream, pearl, or pale yellow. Today's manufacturers offer us quality wallpapers of different colors, among which we will find the one that seems best for our home.

Stylish interior with pastel colors

Quiet pastel shades have soothing properties, to give a sense of security and comfort. They look like little "powdered" and this property allows us to use them as a background, the foundation for building interesting color compositions, create a stylish, modern apartment or house.

It should be borne in mind that due to the addition of white, we get a kind of color that can be used for a combination of not with all other tones.

Living in pastel colors with bright accents
Bright interior with pastel colors with bright accents

Select the color for the living room

Design living room or a spacious hall can also be designed in pastel colors. This will give your home a lightness, ease. Living room beige shade looks respectable and calm, and the main hall pale coffee color will look very aristocratic.

Living in pastel colors with beige walls

Should not be excluded, and the pink color of the wallpaper for the living room: it is possible, at first sight this may seem a shade too glamorous, but if you combine it with a dark gray or white furniture, the room will look very unusual: romantic pink color will be combined with the ash-refined gray and eventually to create an unusual space for meetings and family celebrations.

If you own a spacious house, and at your disposal - a large room, which is convenient to spend the holidays for a large company, it would be nice to pick up the hall wallpaper beige shades, it looks very noble, but quite softly. These shades are suitable for warm family gatherings, and for more formal receptions.

Peach accents in the living room interior

Hall of green tea color looks rather unusual, but it's an interesting idea! This room will decorate your home, will it feature a highlight.

Thus, the following colors are ideal for the decoration of the hall:

  • cocoa with milk;
  • the color of milk chocolate;
  • color milkshake;
  • beige;
  • light cornflower blue;
  • amethyst;
  • lavender.

Green accents in beige living room in pastel colorsGreen accents in beige living room in pastel colors

Light kitchen: a joy for the eyes

kitchen design, made in light, pastel colors - it's timeless classics. Welcome pink and beige shades, as well as the color of cocoa with milk, caramel tone. Kitchen gets cozy feel, nice to come here and comfortably engage in cooking. All light coffee shades especially pleasing to our eyes, they are reminded of all the favorite drink, its aroma and deep taste.

Mint accents in the interior of the kitchen in pastel shades

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Interesting and fresh look green kitchen with bright accents. To implement this idea, you can choose green wallpaper or tile, paint the walls a light green paint. You will see that the mood at this kitchen will always rise, and the food will look more delicious. Green always increases the tone.

Beige headsets in the kitchen interior in pastel colors

Kitchen pastel shades of yellow color (caramel, vanilla, butter color) look aristocratic. These shades, as well as any light-blue tones give a cool color, so it is important to supplement such premises noble, beautiful accessories. Excellent will look metal kitchen appliances or items made of wood. Yellow color - the ideal basis for eco-style.

Kitchen with island style Shabby-chic in pastel colors

The bedroom should be comfortable

The use of pastel shades for the bedroom that they create a unique intimate atmosphere. Perfect for the bedroom delicate pink hue, especially when it comes to creating a cozy room for young couple or for a young girl.

Pink - the color of beauty and hope - will breathe in the room mood of spring, apple blossom, romance and love. Pink bedroom becomes a real gem of your home, it will blend in with the snow-white or gray wallpaper in the hallway, it is a combination of classic, always pleasing to the eye.

Bedroom in pastel colors with pink walls

Watercolor blur light lilac color will make the bedroom, made in the shade, attractive and slightly mysterious. There will be nice to relax, read a novel when a lamp light, or chat with a friend on the phone.

Bedroom in pastel shades with lilac walls

Bedroom for couples may look more relaxed. Select warm colors: beige, cream, peach, bedspreads and curtains add a contrasting color, and enjoy the peace and tenderness.

Bedroom in beige tones

Pastel green will make a refreshing mood to your bedroom, make it softer, gentler. Such gorgeous shades like mint green color, green tea or moss, do not go out of fashion and are considered by many interior designers that are relevant to design the bedroom at all times.

Children - the most wonderful room!

The design of children's are always different from the design ideas of the other rooms. You need to do a children's fun, but to a combination of colors is not too strongly influenced the children's nerves. The room can be complemented by vivid detail, but in general its appearance should be harmonious and soothing, especially when it comes to the room for a capricious child.

Children's room in beige tones

Good idea - run nursery for girls in purple and pink shades. The young princess is confident in its irresistible, because her room - a nice and cozy home! Suitable as cold yellow tone, but with the proviso that the emphasis in the room will be made on the blanket or curtains of more intense colors.

Nursery for a boy can also draw in pastel colors, but choose different shades - beige, yellow, light blue, coffee.

Cozy children's room in pastel colors

Pick up details

Pastel colors can be used in the development of the design rooms neutral shades, for example, to decorate the white room or the living room in the dark shades of gray.

White kitchen looks fresher and warmer if the interior to add pale pink or light purple curtains or facades kitchen units. The idea of ​​whiteness is not lost, but the room is clearly alive, it began to look more interesting and bright.

Brown and beige living room in pastel colors

A similar story - and with a monochromatic gray bath: light turquoise curtain animates the picture. Creamy white blanket will make the bedroom more comfortable, and the blue living room or spacious blue room will come alive with the addition of accessories and furniture in pastel colors. Such items perfectly accentuate the depth of pitch, and interesting combinations on their own create in space a certain intrigue.

If you are a supporter of monochrome interiors and would like to see in your home triumph of minimalism, do not forget about the details in pastel colors!

Gray, brown and white colors in the interior of a bedroom

What combinations should be avoided?

Remember: the pastel colors in the interior - it is beautiful and fashionable, but not always easy. Avoid strange combinations in your apartment - for example, to the pale pink shades are not suitable accessories orange or bright red. Color solution must be verified, accurate. Your apartment should not become a field for experiments - ideally the house should vary integrity of the image.

If there is room for doubt, it is better to consult a designer or look at catalogs of finished designer interiors.

Bright kitchen-dining room in pastel colors
The original living room in pastel colors


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