Painting of pipes in the apartment alone – quickly and easily

12 October 2017

It is impossible to imagine modern apartment buildings and industrial buildings without all sorts of communications: water, gas, cable and so on. Currently, many lines (e.g., cold and hot water) are manufactured from plastic. However, continue to be used and the tube from a metal. To extend the life and improve the appearance of these lines need to be painted.

How to paint pipes in the apartment alone?

As a rule, the reasons that motivate decide to paint the pipes are:

  • Unsatisfactory surface condition of pipes.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Improving the interior.


Selection process of painting and paint type depends on the material from which pipes are made, as well as their operating conditions. For example, the communication being outdoors, is dyed red lead, by which the mask is formed on the surface of iron and lead oxide. This mask is able to protect pipelines from the destructive environmental impact.

For painting pipelines usually use the following means:

  • Alkyd enamel;
  • Water-dispersion paint;
  • acrylic enamel;
  • Oil paint.

Acrylic enamel is resistant to high temperatures (up to 1000 degrees). It is also resistant to major temperature changes. The advantages of the water-dispersion inks are fast drying speed, high quality traction and environmental harmlessness. Pipe, painted the water-dispersion paint can be used for many years. Such a paint, in turn, is divided into two types: hot and cold surfaces. That is, the heating pipes require painting paint application intended for hot surfaces.

Enamel paint tube

Acrylic enamel has the ability to retain color over a fairly long period of time (it is resistant to ultraviolet rays). In addition, this paint makes the surface glossy. Before using this type of paint surface should be primed. And finally, oil paint is suitable for the treatment of almost all types of pipes. However, over time, the original color is lost.

For example, for painting rusty metal pipe is best to use an enamel paint group. Already the next day painted surface will be dry. The paint protects the pipe from the effects of corrosion on the age 7. For plastic pipe will be advantageous to latex or oil-based paint.

For painting we need the following:

  • brush;
  • paint;
  • sandpaper;
  • gloves;
  • rag;
  • primer;
  • cuvette;
  • staircase (if at the height of the work).

Before proceeding with the paint, it is desirable to clean the surface of the pipes of the old paint. Then you need to thoroughly clean the surface with sandpaper. Rust should not be. All cracks and irregularities need to be addressed with the help of putty. Before painting plastic pipes, they should be washed with warm water. After that, you must give them time to dry.

Painting of pipes in the apartment alone - quickly and easily

Old paint can not be removed if the pipe surface has no defects: damage protuberances and cracks. Otherwise, the old paint layer was better to remove.

Now we determine how much paint is required. Here are some guidelines on this subject:

  • For hard to reach areas need greater amount of paint.
  • For the first layer need more ink than the second.
  • For a flat surface will require less ink than for the same rough area.


Before painting the floor under the pipes it is recommended to protect the film or newspapers. Painting start with the top of the pipe and moving downwards. Since the layer will be uniform. Apply the first coat of paint to the entire surface - do not miss anything. Only after applying the first layer over the entire surface can be applied to the latter. The application of the two layers provides a perfectly colored, smooth surface.

How quickly paint the pipes? To save time, you can use the spray or spray. In addition to saving time, this will give us a qualitatively colored, smooth surface. When working with the balloon to keep it at a distance of 30 cm from the surface and make zigzag movements from top to bottom. When using a spray gun to paint it is recommended to remove the battery in order to accurately process all the hard to reach places.

After painting you need to wait some time to paint has dried and thoroughly ventilate the room.

Paint gas pipes

Paint gas pipes need to protect them from corrosion. Furthermore, according to the safety rules of gas distribution systems, industrial pipelines should be painted a certain color, namely, yellow. Paint yellow gas pipe inside the houses and apartments is not necessary.

Paint gas pipes

To paint these colors using pipelines:

  • Alkyd enamel;
  • two-component epoxy paint;
  • dispersion of zinc and aluminum powder in the varnish;
  • polyurethane paint.

When removing the old coating gas heating can not be applied. Clean the surface need using a wire brush. Clean the rust and old paint thoroughly. After degreasing the surface of the pipe. This can be done with a cloth soaked with solvent or gasoline. After that, we begin to paint. It must begin no more than 6 hours after cleaning. Otherwise, the surface may form a new layer of rust. First, using a brush depositing a first layer of paint. Then wait for a certain time to dry the surface and causes the second layer.


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