Making the bed (50 photos): original ideas

12 October 2017

Taking off his clothes, psychological mask day we live, each of us is looking for in the bedroom of quietness and relaxation. Everyone is trying to recover, remove physical and emotional load from their shoulders and have a positive attitude for the next day.

Bookshelves in the design of bedrooms

The most important detail in the interior of the bedroom - the bed. And from what it would look like, it depends the whole overall look of the room. A harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom - the key to quality sleep, which means well-being of its inhabitants.

A beautiful mural above the bed
Black veil on the bed
Beautiful design headboard
Patterned wallpaper over the headboard
Decorative pillows on a metal frame to the headboard
Small paintings in the headboard
Carved headboard

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White soft headboard

Making the bed

Bed in the interior of the bedroom decorated with a variety of ways. Some options and ideas:

  • Decorating bed textiles - bedspreads, blankets, pillows.
  • Making bedside.
  • The use for processing bed canopies or canopies.

Orange panel headboard

Making the bed textiles

Easy negligence in the decoration of the bed - a fashionable trend in the design of the interior of a bedroom.

Bedspreads, at half-mast on the floor, opens the way for linens and visually increase the space in the bedroom.

Classic white blanket on the bed design

Bright (or white), cotton blankets look good in the bedroom a romantic or rustic, in the nursery, as well as in the bedroom for the girls. The interior of rooms are very good with a thin texture, quilted, with zhatym effect or the effect of crumpled paper.

Bedrooms in style Shabby-chic bedspreads decorate with ruffles that give the interior a lightness and volume. Most often there are used light curtains of cotton fabric with a pattern "flowered".

Lilac bedspread on the bed design

For decorating a bunk bed in the nursery can be used blankets of different colors. For example, the veil of blue, you can lay a floor boy, and pink - girls place. Or use blankets of one color, but on top of the covers on the spot boy to lay a blanket, for example, with orange ornaments. And making out sleeper girls use monochrome orange plaid.

In the bedroom, with a modern design, appropriate covers in different colors and textures. Also in this bedroom is good to use blankets-covers.

Lilac-beige blanket in bed design

Cushions - a very important accessory in the decoration of the bed. Moreover, the color and texture of the fabric pillows and bedspreads do not necessarily have to be the same color. Multi-colored pillows can enliven the appearance of the entire room and bring it bright accents.

Plaid - also a frequent guest in the interior of the bedroom. This element of the decor, symbolizing warmth and comfort, able to blend well and look spectacular in the interior of any style bedrooms.

White coverlet on the bed design
Flower design blanket in bed
Beige and gold bedspread on the bed design
Gray blanket on the bed design
Multi-colored bedspread in the design of children's beds
Red-gray veil in the design of the bed for a boy

Making headboard

In order to liven up the interior of a bedroom, sometimes quite free to decorate the wall above the headboard. To do this, there are various ways. Submitted ideas will help determine the choice in favor of one of them:

  • Paint or wallpaper. The most common and least expensive alternative design headboard - painting the walls or use wallpaper, contrasting in color with the color of the other walls of a bedroom. This idea is pertinent in the bedroom of any style.
  • Decorative moldings. Classic design for the wall over the back of a double bed in the bedroom, for example, the Romanesque style - stucco (ceiling cornices, pilasters, moldings, etc.).
  • Paintings, photographs, mirrors. The wall behind the bed can be decorated with paintings, photographs, posters and mirrors. It may even be the whole picture of all these items. Such an embodiment is admissible in the bedroom many styles, such as in the style of Provence, high-tech, minimalist and others.
  • Wallpapers and graphic panels. Wall with photo wallpapers, or graphic panels - a good opportunity to visually increase the space in the bedroom and go back to the desired imaginary place. This idea is good in the interior of a children's room and a room for a teenager.
  • Niches and false windows. Making the bedside using niche or false windows make good use of in the bedroom modern style. Niches and false windows located above the headboard of can be used as shelves and place them on a frame with pictures, vases, figurines and other nice little things. A false-box made of mirrors to visually increase the space in the room.
  • Natural materials. Wall near the headboard can be decorated with natural materials -. Wood, stone, brick, etc. It is also well used for the decoration of walls, decorative panels, made with his own hands from the cones, shells and other natural materials. Panels can be inserted in a frame and hang on the wall or placed in a niche above the headboard. Ethnic and rustic perfectly perceive this idea.
  • Wall plus ceiling. Beautiful combination with the design of the wall in the bed headboard - "wall + ceiling." This design can be created with the use of decorative plaster, wallpaper, wood, and others. This idea is pertinent in the interior of any style.
  • Hand painting, stencils, stickers. Making the wall above the headboard using a hand-painted graffiti and is well suited for the nursery or teen room. The use of stickers and stencils - more economical idea.
  • The cloth. The use of fabric as wall decor helps bring in the interior of the bedroom a soft cozy mood and warmth. Make good use of this option in the bedroom for a teenage girl or child's room. It also looks great in the interior of a rustic style.
  • Mobiles. Suspended structures (mobiles) - one more variant of decorating the wall above the headboard. Ideas "visyulek" of glass and natural materials remarkably fit into the bedroom or the modern ethnic style.

The mirror above the headboard panel
Beige headboard
Black and golden headboard
Wooden headboard
Black leather headboard
Shelf in the headboard
Board in the headboard
Headboard made of wood and metal
The headboard of wooden oars
Paintings in the headboard
The screen in the headboard
Map headboard
Glued wood headboard
Soft headboard delicate flowers
White wicker headboard
Wooden headboard and bed base
The big picture in the headboard
Floral wallpaper from the head of the bed
The abundance of posters in the headboard
The map on the wall in the headboard
Brown headboard
Pink headboard
Unusual design headboard
White soft headboard

Canopies and canopies

Having lost its original purpose (protection against insects), the canopy was the favorite method of decorating a child's room, rooms for girls and bedrooms for adults. It is used also in the decoration of bunk cot. The canopy over the bed, according to the statement of psychologists, gives a feeling of comfort and security, and thus contributes to a good rest and sound sleep.

Cream canopy in bedroom

Canopies come in several forms:

  • Canopy-tent stretched over a frame attached to the ceiling above the center or head of the bed. Instead of the frame, as the frame may be used and the metal ring suspended from the ceiling by a hook. This variant of the canopy is the most popular and well-suited for the decoration of a cot or bedroom for girls. Use this idea and decorating a bedroom for adults.
  • Canopy suspended from a horizontal bar-support or arc attached to the wall on the center of the bed. Such a canopy frames bed beautiful waves, making it a true bed for princess. And so this option is often used in children's room decor for girls. Well suited for this idea and design a bunk bed.
  • "Royal" canopy - the classic version. Construction consisting of vertical posts arranged at the corners of the bed frame and attached to the ceiling. This frame made of wood, plastic or metal, lightweight fabric is stretched. This type of canopy is able to become an ornament in the bedroom of any style and children's room. Canopy on the racks also can be used for the decoration of children's bunk beds and a "royal" bed for the girls.

White canopy in bedroom
White canopy for the round bedWhite canopy for the round bed
Canopy in the design of the bed
White canopy over the child's bed
Pink canopy over the child's bed
Decorative canopy over the bed


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