living room decor (50 photos): the original design ideas

12 October 2017

A meeting place for guests and friends, the area daily gatherings of all family members, energy, fueled by the news, plans, dreams and victories - is living in a house or apartment a wise master. It is precisely because it so often gather close family, share secret, it must be designed in a special way, not only functional and practical, modern and stylish, but also comfortable. Everyone must feel here taking care of yourself, kid or adult, teenager or an elderly person. Take enough time to detail - and the living room decor will make a vivid impression on even the inveterate conservative.

Living in gray tones with stylish accessories
Living room with paintings, vases and figurines

Making a living: not a single style or light conversion

Living room - a practicality and a touch of romance, elegance and quality factor. That is why the most common design of the living room in a modern style, for which the main thing - the rational use of storage space, simplicity and convenience of the territory, zone division, if in the room a few areas, a minimum of decorative elements. But a clear, concise and understated style minimalism and functionality can bother his coldness and stiffness. In this case, it helps décor that brings the room a touch of lightness, warmth and airiness. And there is no need to radically change the style of the interior!

Minimalist living room with decor

The easiest way to arrange the living room space, created by the national, historical or natural style. Such interiors imply glamor and heat, a lot of accessories, drapes, fabrics, auxiliary inlay elements, bright colors mixed with pastel shades. Any bar, furniture, decorated using a technique decoupage, craquelure, some others, many textile and trifles along with specially chosen finishing materials can help in a few days to change the decoration of the living room. The non-trivial idea - to use the skins of animals as a floor decoration, woven wicker or rattan mats, other decorations to the floor created from natural materials. And you do it with a new old-style despite the fact that to make changes in the interior you can every year.

Wooden elements in the living room

Warning: it is worth remembering that any modern style using special decorative techniques - this is not a "pure" style, but a little "diluted." Therefore, to select a particular style, elegant and bold decor solutions that will make available more homely interior, energy-rich, complete. Do not be afraid to experiment!

Restrained decor in a classic living room
Yellow accents in black and white living room with fireplace
Beautiful lighting in the living room
Burgundy accents in the living room

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Leather furniture in the living room
Red accents in the living room-kitchen
Black and beige living room
Olive carpet in a dark living room
Beautiful lamps in the classic living room
Living in an eco-style

Just beautiful living room, or changing the finishing materials

Naturally, the design of the living room in order to change some of the details of those who have long tired, it does not repair. However, the embodiment as a change of flooring, decorative materials walls or ceiling also holds. For example, you wanted a change and you decide to create a brick wall in the living room in the loft. It is quite possible, if space permits!

Golden elements in the classic living room

In this case the wall may be at the perimeter and an auxiliary dividing the room into several zones. Such a "formatting" bring your own living room in her brightness of the color (if you select the shade of red brick), a new way to arrange the furniture set items or add new ones. Another option for this style - make the white ceiling, the maximum volume summarizing the living room to the style of the old premises of an abandoned factory. The height of the ceiling at the same time visually enlarge and you will be able to use more non-standard accessories, which mixed classic and innovation for the new living room.

Silver elements in the living room

New designer wallpaper in a strip with a national ornament or floral prints, which can be issued one of the walls will be the perfect complement to the living room in a national or natural style. Fortunately, modern venerable manufacturers create unique collections, each of which - a particular color, texture and texture of the fabric, energy. Interesting idea - to use fabric wallpaper or wallpaper under the skin, suede, wood, mosaic and even stone. In this case, a wall decoration in the living room will take a minimum of effort, you just need to:

  • free from furniture and decor elements of the wall that are going to glue;
  • cover with foil (old rags / used sheets) all items in order to avoid dust, stroymusora;
  • clean the wall of existing wallpaper and stick a new strip or panel.

The unusual floor in brown and white living room

Another variant of the stylish living room design in any case - it is a tension or multi-level ceiling, ceiling mirrors, stained glass and art glass. In short, the change in the finishing of the ceiling material so that the living became more friendly, warm and luxurious. Options - a great many, who having studied and choosing you help become a unique living!

Neon sign in a gray living room

Note: handwritten decoration living room decorative elements, change the curtains on the windows or the introduction into the room special piece of furniture - a bit of your love for your home, understanding of those who live there, the desire is something drastically improve. Should not be invited for the work of a professional, a lot you can do yourself, podsmotrev ready examples. in that - the "trick", attracting peace and good energy in your family. And tomorrow the opportunity to change everything again!

Beautiful Christmas decoration in bright living room
Small paintings in the living room
Beautiful carpet in blue and white living room
Figure on a wall in a bright living room
Floral prints in the living room
Golden decor in red and white living room
Lilac walls and curtains in the living room
Beige and black living room

Openings and decor elements in the design of the living room: the appropriate direction

An important aspect in the design of the living room in any of the styles is the design of the windows. Regardless of the main components of an interior window should as much as possible to fulfill its primary function - to miss the natural light. In this style of rustic or country will allow you to simply paint the frame and sill in matte shade coffee, purple, blue, pink, white or yellow and issue short curtain made of natural fabrics with floral patterns, for example.

The frescoes in the living room

But the living room window in the style of pop art, baroque or art deco style, as well as English classic is impossible to imagine without the tulle and curtains according to the seasons and the color filling the room. In this case, it may be Roman, French, Austrian type curtains with a variety of useful species swags. They will help to emphasize the luxury and glamor of living style you choose. Having multiple sets of tulle and curtains for the windows allow "play" with color, making everyday living today and tomorrow - a holiday. Make the window decoration in the living room to your hobby, changing the options in accordance with the mood and the seasons!

Unusual descent in a bright room

Note: If your living room windows overlook the sunny side - pritemnite window, selecting shutters or blinds with a slight adjustment of the light flux. In this modern styles to select from innovative plastic blinds classic shades, others - made of wood, steel mini-LPs in harmonious color or contrasting.

Mirrored accent in green and white living room

The successful design of openings and niches - is the use of fabric draping or moldings. Such elements are suitable for any style, they draw attention to the gap by highlighting it on the background of the wall, will clearly noticeable or veiled. Your choice in this case - the molding of different width and pattern, its color will keep only your imagination!

Green and yellow accents in blue and white living room

Special attention - decorative panels of ceramic tiles and mosaics, shelves, racks for any trifles, photos and paintings, that is, those elements of decoration that will decorate the walls. The only condition - the observance of proportions. And everyone will feel the harmony in your living room! Do not forget that the shelves, recesses and niches can be decorated with statues, small vases with dried flowers or pot with live plants. Souvenirs brought from different countries, small gifts and accessories will make the interior more diverse, brighter, more interesting and richer.

Brown and cream living room

Attention: special charm of the living room can give one piece of furniture, made designer with silver plating, gold plating techniques, patina, aging or decoupage. The ideal solution - independently to try yourself as a creator-designer, using the same materials to create a coffee table, a rack, shelf or chair, which are optimal for the interior of your living room. An exclusive piece of furniture in the interior of the living room will be the starting point around which you can "beat" the rest of the room decoration.

Brown curtains and mirror strips in black and white living room
Stone wall in the living room
Gray sofa in the living room
Natural stone in the living room decoration
White furniture in the living-dining room
Brown and white furniture in the living room
Candles, flowers and lights in the decoration of the house in chalet style

A special touch in the design, or are not afraid of experiments

Mix of style to your living room - is a special charm and flavor of old gizmos and innovative subjects, intertwining of several cultures, the connection of east and west, hot and cold, old and new, and all that - eclectic style. To some it may seem that it - weave obscure, extravagant to simple, ornate with a restrained and limited. But it is not so! In this living room - every object, decoration material, or a trifle out of place, and continue to the previous form a harmonious start. The main thing - understanding the stylistic component - and succeed. Try and make sure that the design of the living room to your liking - exciting experience!

Shiny stones Wall Decor
White carpet and a coffee table in the living room
Stone in the design of the wall in the living room
Wooden House Decoration
Beautiful gold and silver accents in the living room
Red and brown accents in bright living room
Beautiful floor and wall lamps in the living room interior
Carpet with patterns in the living room
Brick wall in the living room
Black ottoman and cushions in the living room
Floor vase, carpet and brick in the decor of the living room
Black and white living room


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