Kitchen Design 5 square. m (50 photos). the idea of ​​a small space layout

12 October 2017

Fire "live" each house of the heart - the kitchen. Mad about her should be not only the mistress, but every member of the family, because not only will create masterpieces for gourmets, but also discuss the news and plans for its territory. Therefore, its arrangement - an event that requires effort, knowledge, skill, and patience, not to mention the financial cost. However, special attention should be given food in small sizes, for example, 5 sq.m. How to create a cosiness, comfort and convenience at this area? It's possible!

Design a small kitchen 5 square meters of the peninsula
Small purple kitchen

kitchen decoration 5 meters, or even all possible in a small area

5 squares - it's a little, however, this is not your kitchen becomes a less expensive. In such an area it is difficult to create something enchanting, consisting of the work area, recreation area and dining room, but you can combine all! A few simple rules will help to gather his thoughts and to issue the kitchen 5 sq.m. schematically, on a piece of paper. The matter will be for professionals or handwritten a dream come true.

Small white kitchen

So, creating a small kitchen "by itself", remember:

  • number of family members living in the apartment. Typically, a small kitchen - it is an apartment hotel type, polugostinka or "odnushka" in the old Khrushchev or Stalin, which is home to a couple of adults, as an option - with a small child. Under a number of family members and prepares a small kitchen, and the territory of the festivities and feasts will need to move into the living room;
  • functionality and practicality. Despite the size, the kitchen area should be the most convenient for cooking, food storage and small household utensils, as well as meals. Therefore, it should start with the acquisition of all necessary household appliances;
  • warmth, giving a positive mood. This is only possible with proper choice of colors and their combination, the presence of decorative elements and other "chips" that create comfort. Therefore important to choose a certain style of your kitchen. Optimal idea - eclectic, combining classic and innovation, east and west, old and new. While national tunes, contemporary interiors and natural color as possible!

Convenient storage in the kitchen
Beautiful storage in the kitchen
Small white and green kitchen
Small glossy white kitchen
Angled black and white small kitchen

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Unusual kitchen-bedroom-closet
Beige and white small kitchen
Brown and white kitchen
Small kitchen 5 square meters in eco-style
Angular gray-white glossy kitchen
Design a small cozy kitchen 5 sq.m.

Additional centimeters Kitchen 5 m .: redevelopment or hallway?

Venture capital repairs and change the kitchen area due to adjacent territories - excellent idea, but, unfortunately, is not always feasible. Yes, and the demolition of load-bearing wall or even in any complicated cases needed to be not only a master-builders, but also a bunch of permissive documents from municipal authorities.

Open shelves in a small kitchen

If remodeling, for whatever reason, is not available to you, increase the square footage small kitchen by removing the kitchen door and the corridor area. Removing the door to the kitchen, you can draw an arch opening (Molding - the easiest and most stylish option), or leave him a single space with a corridor. The perfect solution - the same finishing material for the walls of the kitchen, which will be connected to the corridor space. This design course allows visually enlarge the kitchen area, utilizing centimeters corridor.

Beige and black set in a small kitchen

Note: choosing paint for the kitchen walls pasting wallpaper, tile installation - remember the colors. Bright matte colors visually expand the space, make up the ceiling, horizontal stripes make it wider, vertical - above. From small dense pattern or a large cluttered is to give order to a small area did not look less attractive and cluttered.

Beautiful apron in the kitchen
Little orange and gray kitchen
Small beige-brown kitchen
Small kitchen 5 square meters in the Scandinavian style
Kitchen in white, beige and blue tones
Brown and white, set in the kitchen
Design white corner kitchen
Beige and brown small kitchen
Small white set in the interior of the kitchen
The unusual design of a small kitchen

Appliances and kitchen in the kitchen 5 sq.m.

Having decided to issue the kitchen 5 sq.m. high quality, practical and convenient, take care of household appliances, which require considerable space. Mr. each cuisine, regardless of size - the refrigerator. It is indispensable! Select the model compact, with a maximum of useful functions, taking into account the area of ​​the kitchen space. Fortunately, modern manufacturers offer options with lower and upper freezer with two freezers. An important point - the possibility Repositioning the door from one side to the other: the refrigerator in the kitchen should be easy to open and provide access to other objects.

Stylish small black and white kitchen

If you have a gas stove old design, it also takes place in the kitchen. Would you like to put in the kitchen washing machine? Choose the minimum loading, in which case it will narrow, it will be possible to get close to the wall.

Note: selecting an embedded cooking surface for kitchen 5 sq.m., select a model with two burners. For a family of 2-3 people it would be enough, while it takes a minimum of space countertops. If there is a niche in the kitchen or pantry cupboard was, use it to place a narrow refrigerator. So you will save valuable footage!

White-cream small kitchen

Determined by the presence of a piece of furniture in the kitchen will have in parallel with the choice of kitchen units. Built-in kitchen or common - you decide depending on the already available equipment items and financial capabilities. If not meant embedded option, then sketch out your kitchen scheme in accordance with:

  • space for fridge. Usually it - the beginning or end of kitchen units, often occupies the corner. It's convenient for everyone and allows efficient use of the usable area;
  • select L-shaped or line of furniture. It will be the epitome of comfortable and cozy work area, separating it from the dining area. In this place it will not be cluttered with unnecessary pieces of furniture. Tip: a short piece headset leave a snack area (kind of handout table) or sink;
  • the location of windows. Enable it under furniture set - not rational, because in this case the window will need to reach across the table, on the table will not be able to hang a cabinet, and indeed sill can be used as a table top, creating a folding option. And all the important points taken into account!

Note: wall cabinets can take up all available space walls (exception - the column or boiler, extractor fan) in order to accommodate the dishes and cutlery, food and other stuff.

Convenient sliding surface for a small kitchen
A small cozy kitchen
The project is a small kitchen 5 sq.m.
Brown-green small suite in the kitchen
White and brown furniture in a small kitchen
Option small kitchen design
Small kitchen with yellow accents
Brown floor in white kitchen
Little brown and white kitchen
Stylish small kitchen

Dining group and interior style: selecting innovative solutions

Small kitchen priori not fit the luxury round dining table from an array and several chairs with high backs and armrests. But also to frighten the family coffee table and stools are also not worth it. The best choice - a folding bar chairs and folding table, as an option - folding chair and table top under a window sill if you are not demanding luxury and bling at mealtimes. Chairs and desks for kitchen 5 sq.m. customized - an idea for those who wish to see their own kitchen compact, ergonomic, spacious and functional. Choose the material according to the style!

Small kitchen in a rustic style

Modern interior styles, such as a functional, high-tech and minimalist, are a great solution for a small area of ​​the kitchen. They are pragmatic and functional, rigorous and concise. Decorate the room can be a painting or a mural, photo on the wall, stylish decorative accessories. A big role in this design will play a well-chosen primary and secondary colors and color, as well as the quality of materials.

Red and white corner kitchen

Small space - it is also a kitchen in the style of Provence, or ethnic country with a minimum of decoration, but a unified stylistic component. Focal direction - the color of the walls, which can be light pink, light blue, light green and dark milk. Bright accent in the interior will create dishes and even furniture, and a special mood - textiles, accessories and cute heart trifles. Good attention to detail, and a small kitchen will enchant you with its perfection!

Little beige blue kitchen 5 square meters
A small kitchen in the apartment
Black and white corner suite in the small kitchen
White-green small kitchen in a rustic style
Beige and black corner kitchen
Gray small kitchen
Small beige-brown kitchen
Yellow small kitchen 5 sq.m.
Trendy kitchen
A small kitchen with a large window and access to the balcony


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