Interior room apartment: Highlights

12 October 2017

To create a truly stylish interior in a studio apartment - not an easy task. The limiting factor is its small size. However, using the right design decisions, and perhaps in a small flat to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

One bedroom apartment

Today, we'll tell you how to do the same from the ordinary one-bedroom apartment a real dream. Share the basic techniques, ideas, the use of which will help to give your home the desired comfort.

Interior room apartment

General inception Interior

First of all, you need to know about some of the general aspects, the use of which will allow you to avoid minor errors when creating an interior small one-room apartment:

  • Save space. Every studio apartment is the most valuable resource space. It is for this reason it is necessary to not only save, but also rational use. Otherwise, you can create a feeling of tightness, which is very negative impact on the overall picture of the interior.
  • Spend zoning premises. Through the competent planning and zoning premises is possible to create not only a welcoming and comfortable environment, but also save enough free space.
  • Pick up the correct furniture. All furniture should be compact and at the same time the most functional, so you can save space well. Secondly, all furniture should be chosen for the interior created by you. It is a harmonious combination of all elements of your home will help you create the home of your dreams.
  • Do focus on functionality. This applies to everything - furniture, appliances and accessories. Due to the increased functionality, you can not only make a one-bedroom apartment convenient to use, but, again, to save enough space. Try to completely dispense with unnecessary items, do not neglect in this case and good design.
  • Take care of high-quality lighting. In any case, do not obstruct the space near the window, especially if your apartment is located on the sunny side. Use this advantage, because it is the sunlight fills your apartment warmth and comfort. With regard to artificial sources of light, in the dark of their use is inevitable, so the artificial light sources need to properly place and stylize the design.
  • Use a different decor. In most cases, one-bedroom apartments do not have much free space, however, should not be neglected and various decorations. Due to such a small detail and develops a single, complete picture of interior.

Making a one-room apartment

Interior ideas for room

Create high-quality interior in a tiny one-room apartment - a problem most of the creative, because it is necessary to accommodate all the necessary things for everyday life in such a limited space.

Ideas for design studio there is great variety, but it is better to give preference to modern trends and styles. Classic style, Baroque and others - will not fit unambiguously, due to their size and luxury. Owners of one-bedroom apartments worth paying attention to minimalism and high-tech. They combine all the delights of compactness and functionality, which is very important in every studio apartment.

Bright studio apartment

The color solution, largely depends on the desired atmosphere. Generally, however, recommend the use of a variety of bright colors. They not only help to visually enlarge the room, but also to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your small room. Check out room can be in one color, using no more than five of its shades, and in different colors, but at the same time, do not use more than three different options.

Interior room

Interior ideas for the kitchen

Kitchen interior in a studio apartment - a separate issue, and even design ideas here quite a lot, all the individual characteristics must be taken into account. Often, it is the kitchen space is most limited and at the same time demanding of its functionality.

When you make a kitchen in a small apartment, the focus should be the same as in the previous case, compactness and functionality. Thanks to them, we free space and create comfort. The required properties are achieved by using a small-sized equipment and the correct layout of the room.

Interesting interior solutions will use the Japanese style. Using rigorous lines combined with the elegant forms and natural materials will give your kitchen a lightness and ease. High-quality wooden furniture and simple textiles allow you to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

The ideal solution for the kitchen will be the use of green and shades. As additional colors will work well and orange shades.

Kitchen interier

interior design ideas for bathroom

Bathroom in a small apartment - often the smallest room. In this visit we did not smaller than other rooms, therefore it is necessary to give due attention to the creation of the interior in the bathroom, the implementation of various ideas.

The main emphasis continues to be placed on the compactness and functionality. When it comes to the bathroom in a simple one-room flat, any free space in our weight in gold. Absolutely inappropriate here are things devoid of every kind of functionality.

As for style, one of the most popular ideas is a bathroom in ecological style. It combines not only the beauty and individuality, but also practical. This creates a feeling of freshness, a certain oneness with nature.

If we talk about the common colors, the most popular option is to use a blue tint, because that's what it is we associate with purity and freshness. Good fit and other natural colors. For those who gets up in the morning hard, it recommends the use of bright colors, the main thing - good to combine them and to do without monotony.

bathroom interior


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