How to equip a children’s room at the cottage

12 October 2017

The special flavor of country conditions characterized by natural beauty, ease and informal comfort. It is supported by an appropriate arrangement of the suburban area, the interior of the building, in it. All this fully applies to the design of a child's room, as well as territories outside the home for recreation and children's entertainment.

Children in the country

In carrying out the decor does not exist any template and binding decisions. This wide scope for initiative and creative imagination. The main thing is to create the proper conditions for a child to travel to the country, and entertainment development. And to create such conditions must be complex, both indoors at home and at their summer cottage.

Features design and decorating a child's room

Developing the decor in the room for children, it is necessary to take into account the coming change preferences and tastes of the child. They will necessarily take place in the course of its development. Therefore, making repairs, it is not necessary to build a children's capital structure. On the contrary, it shall be possible changes in the finishing room without much effort and resources.

Design of children in the country

For decorating a child's room is used, any, even the most unusual accessories. It can be various benches, shelves for favorite books or pictures, handmade lamps, flower pots, baskets for storing toys, garlands of soft hearts and other items. All possible combinations of colors, a variety of frames with photographs, pictures, posters and so on.

Kids for girls in the country

some recommendations

First you need to clearly decide on the color scheme. There are some classic rules of combination tones in the interior. Selectable tones may be bright and vivid. It looks good mix of yellow, blue and green, pink, beige and green, magenta, turquoise and orange. Avoid darkest shades. Monochrome elements are used at the core of the interior. To this was added the bright pictures, stickers and other decorations and toys.

Children in the country

For the walls, ceiling and floor is recommended to use wallpaper and coatings neutral tones. Necessary accents executed decorative elements. After some time in the repair they can be easily replaced. Modern ceilings in a holiday home, let alone in the room for children are not applicable, collect a lot of dust.

The main requirement for materials for a child's room - ecological safety. At an early age children are very susceptible to external influences. Therefore it is necessary to abandon synthetics, giving preference to natural materials such as wood, vegetable fiber. It fits in the interior and modern polymers based on a special secure structure. On the floor lay a more practical linoleum or laminate. The carpeting is going to dust, besides they are contraindicated in children who suffer from allergies.

Design children's cottage

Wallpaper on the walls should be such that breathing room, but with a washable surface. Paste over the wall during repair is recommended in two layers. At the bottom, at about one and a half meters from the floor, light-colored wallpaper paste with applied children's drawings. At the top - the more expensive, are matched in harmony with an appropriate shade. The beauty of this decoration is that the lower part can be replaced at any time.

Children's room in the country also issued a variety of textiles. Usually it is the linen or cotton fabric. Of these, sew curtains, covers for cushions and furniture that adorn the interior. Widely used in the finishing of fabrics with applied contour drawing. During installation and repair, they are painted with special markers.

Children in the country

Often room for children in the country satisfied in the attic with small windows. Usually they are decorated shutters. When repairing them decorated with a painting or applique. These shutters are performed in the interior is not only a decorative function, but also purely practical. Day closed room from bright sunlight, and at night - from insects.

For the decor in the room for children in the country will suit even the unused items and the means at hand. Old furniture can give the repair and upgrade the bright colors. Patchwork of bright fabrics are soft toys and pillows in different sizes, all kinds of pompons. Given that the children's room is usually a lot of cabinets and dressers with drawers, they can also be transformed according to your liking. To do this, apply the self-adhesive colorful film. It is easy to apply and remove. This allows you to periodically change the decor in the children's room.

Decor Children's Room at the cottage

Interior windows for optimal option considered windows. Their advantage - excellent sound insulation, high thermal protection facilities. They are not in need of repair, periodic painting and insulation for winter. Equipped effective mosquito net.

Emphasize decor lighting will help the children's room at the cottage. It should be soft and comfortable. Comfortable with frosted glass shades, wall sconces, night lamps that emit light scattering. Switches are arranged so that the child could not independently turn off or turn on the lights.

The problem of placement of soft toys in the country, and they are always a lot, is easily solved, not to collect any excess dust. It needs only make space cover made of thick fabric, preferably rounded. Equip it with clasp - zip or soft buttons. When filled with toys cover it turns into a frameless safe couch. It looks great in the interior of the room for the girl or boy of any age.

Children girls in the country

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An essential element of decoration are the application and placement of children's drawings, pictures on the walls. It is important to match the mood of the child and his dreams. For kids it can be a fairy-tale characters. For teenagers - the heroes of favorite movies or popular artists. It also placed various crafts made by the child's hands.

Decor children's area in the country

In addition to a children's room in the country should also be given a place for games and children's entertainment. They just need it to move and develop fully. Playground building near the house, which allows to watch her from the window. Absolutely can not place it near the pool, public road or on the steep slopes.

Children's playground in the country

Designs for the site do not have to buy, they may well be to do with his hands. Of the gaming devices are usually installed:

  • Sandbox and slides for the youngest children.
  • Swing. Very practical and profitable to rope swings, which are attached to the branches of a large tree.
  • Small house in a small tent.
  • Inflatable paddling pool.
  • Sports area comprising wall bars, rope or horizontal bar.


To playground turned out bright and colorful, the repair it can be decorated with different compositions. It may be plywood figures of animals, cartoon characters. They can paint with bright colors. There are many other variants of decor. In conjunction with the design of a child's room in the house it will be a set of conditions for an active stay in the children's summer residence.


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